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3D scanning center

  3D Scanning Center 3 d Scanning is a light, machine, electricity and computer technology in the integration of high and new technology, it is mainly used for the object space shape and structure and the color scanned, in order to obtain spatial coordinates on the surface of the object. Its significance lies in the ability to convert the stereoscopic information of physical objects into digital signals that can be processed directly by computers, providing a convenient and convenient means for the digitization of physical objects. Germany Mr Coleman company as 3 d white light measurement industry pioneer and leader of the white light 3 d measurement system USES a unique patent technology "microstructure optical projection technology" and asymmetric structure, making it a small size, beautiful shape, multi-usage, high resolution, high measurement precision, short processing time, flexible, high reliability, simple operation, the highest ratio of non-contact 3 d optical measurement system.

  Since the launch of the first commercial 3D white light measurement system in 1986, the company has focused on scientific research, solved various technical problems and achieved great success in many applications. 11 types according to different industry and specifically the development of these systems can be a very good meet the product development, production process quality control, all kinds of irregular workpiece dimension inspection, such as reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.

  Mr Ackermann's products are widely used in various industrial technical field, such as car large sheet metal parts surface shape detection, planes and cars in many parts of the 3 d digital, corresponding mould and parts of precision measurement and deformation analysis, etc. It can be accurately measured from small precision workpieces, various hand cases, to 30*20*17 meters large objects. Can be in the workshop site, measuring the high temperature reflective large mold and so on. Typical users include Mercedes, BMW, Boeing and NOKIA. The main advantage of the white light scanner is that the German company borkmann was founded in 1986 and is a pioneer of the white light scanning measurement industry and has been a leading enterprise in the industry. They have the largest number of products in industries such as automobiles, cultural relics protection and animation industry, dental prostheses and other medical industries and human body scanners are the most widely used and most successful enterprises. The main advantages of their products are as follows:

  1) the surface of almost any object can be measured.

  More than 20 years of experience have enabled the general optimization parameters of the system to measure almost any surface object. For example, the blade of the engine with similar mirror is up to 600mm, and the surface is very reflective and cannot be sprayed with powder. The measurement precision can reach 20um.

  2) high measurement accuracy.

  For example, StereoSCAN can measure up to 4um with high accuracy and good consistency.

  3) shock resistant

  Portability is good. Some companies' scanning systems are very sensitive to the vibrations of open doors, walking and so on. They must be banned, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected. However, the accuracy of the scanner's reverse measurement is greatly reduced and must be re-calibrated. The borkeman scanner can be mounted on a robot, and can be easily flipped and measured without affecting the accuracy.

  4) asymmetric technology.

  Mr Coleman scanner USES the asymmetric structure, a photo using 10 °, 20 ° and 30 ° three Angle calculating distance. This asymmetric structure partially overcomes the problem of reflection, which is usually different from three different angles to get more clouds. The other three angles can also be scanned for more dead angles that are not scanned by other systems or the 3D point cloud of the whole object with fewer scanning times. Add to the same location can adopt four different exposure time to measure, different exposure time in the CCD imaging graphics brightness is different, this part also overcome the problem of reflective, a scan all get more point cloud data, especially the change of surface shape of the object.

  5) bolkerman's patented microstructure light projection technology is the most advanced microstructure optical system at present, which can produce precise and clear structural light with a small power lamp. With the extensive verification of the excellent image processing technology, the measurement speed is fast and the precision is high.

  6) counterpoint splicing technology.

  General scanning system to measure more than three point cloud to use digital picture measuring system is used to measure the first out of the skeleton of the object, and then with a piece of a piece of white light 3 d measurement system measuring local. The 3D white light measurement system in borkeman, Germany, can perform such tasks independently.

  7) fast and efficient.

  With asymmetric structure and patent d structured light technology, we scan speed, scan and get more point cloud, especially when change of surface curvature is big, the advantages are more obvious. For example, we can measure the edges and corners of objects at one time, and other manufacturers may need three or four scans to get the point cloud at the corner. To complete the same full point cloud scan, you can usually only use 60 to 70 percent of the other home scans. In particular, the measuring efficiency of the objects measured by grille is significantly improved.

  8) edge detection technology.

  The object point cloud that the common scanner measures is very bad on the edge of the object, which brings inconvenience to the reverse work and reduces the precision. And borkeman's latest edge detection technique automatically detects the edges of objects and automatically gets a complete point cloud. Suzhou wenwu system engineering co., LTD application Germany Mr Ronald koeman's advanced equipment, non-contact 3 d white light scanner To a variety of artifacts, mold, products such as non-contact scanning, without having to remove the artifacts, will not damage the artifact itself, not due to human factors increase the error value, to provide customers with accurate scanning document. The detailed scan process is shown in figure.

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