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4-3A, modern industrial square, no.333 xingpu road, industrial park, suzhou, jiangsu.

3D maintenance center

  Aiming at some companies were unable to complete a 3 d equipment repair and maintenance, and related service agencies cannot provide timely, efficient, stable team of maintenance and maintenance technology, leads to the delay of the production work, and even cause certain economic losses. We rely on for many years in the industry of 3 d printers and 3 d scanning precipitation of abundant technical strength and engineering and technical personnel, with good ability for different brands of three-dimensional products provide a wide range of after-sales maintenance services, maintenance of equipment maintenance, problem diagnosis and hardware replacement, provide a comprehensive range of technical support, regardless of the device you are using, we will response within 24 hours, to provide you with efficient, fast, professional service.

  Maintenance brand: Stratasys, 3D Systems, Object, Makerbot, Dimension, etc., and some domestic 3D printer brands;

  After sales service and maintenance of the ProJet series and early Invision_hr, Invision_SR, Invision_XT, etc.

  German bolkeman 3d scanner: Smartscan series, d-station, b-inspect, Stereoscan series, Facescan, Bodyscan and other equipment after-sales service and maintenance.

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    400-011-2158 | 400-011-2158
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    Hongkou District, Shanghai water circuit 682 Rainbow Business Building 6F
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So far, the company has for the automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, mold manufacturing, machinery processing, shoes, mobile phone manufacturing, dental and orthopedic, protection of cultural relics, university education and scientific research and so on various types of enterprises and institutions to provide nearly ten thousand times the service project.

  • EnvisionTEC Launches $6,999 Entry-Level Desktop DLP 3D Printer

    [ 2018-03-14 ]

    For EnvisionTEC, 2017 is a busy year because it has introduced many new 3D printing materials, including engineering grade materials E-CE, E-Poxy and E-Flex Flex; a series of new bioprint materials and FDA approved dental 3D printing materials. The company also launched a series of new 3D printers, including large versions of the Perfactory and cDLM 3D printers, and a new Vida cDLM 3D printer for the dental market.

  • EnvisionTEC Launches Largest High Speed Continuous 3D Printer Vida cDLM

    [ 2018-03-14 ]

    Recently, EnvisionTEC introduced the new Vida cDLM 3D printer. It is reported that the 3D printer is the largest of the company's existing equipment and is still based on the company's continuous digital light manufacturing (cDLM) technology.