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corporate culture

 Company vision: quality Chinese Chinese pen and sword arts.

The company based on the Chinese nation has a long history of historical and cultural heritage of the Millennium broadmindedness, with "Chinese pen and sword arts" as the core of the source for enterprise development, the fundamental direction of enterprise development and the ultimate responsibility for the quality of China ". Open, inclusive, enterprising and new, create a strong foundation for the development of enterprises.

Company mission: 3D system expert

The company is rooted in three dimensions, timely respond to customer needs, and provide effective and competitive 3D solutions and services to customers, and create maximum value for customers.

Core values:

The core values of a company are rooted in our deepest core beliefs, and are the inner driving force that we will never slack off and struggle for. It is our common commitment to the future. It ensures that we continue to pursue higher quality, more advanced technology, to ensure that we provide a matter of conscience and efficient service for customers, to achieve our vision quality Chinese Chinese pen and sword Arts ".

Work hard and perseveringly

In building a great cause, we have no resources to rely on. We can win the respect and trust of our customers only by relying on the arduous struggle of every employee. The struggle is reflected in any small activity for the customer, the value creation for the company, and any effort to enrich itself.  We insist on the fundamental development of the striving for the enterprise, and make the striving in a reasonable return.

You often think of

We think that only the enterprise that is good at learning can long survive, and only the talents who are good at learning and persist in learning are the talents that the enterprise really needs. We have to learn not only new skills, knowledge and culture, but also new skills, knowledge and culture.
We should learn from different industries, different enterprises and different people. Only in this way, can the enterprise maintain permanent innovation in order to have the power of continuous progress. In addition to being good at learning, it is more important to reflect on it and reflect on its own mistakes and shortcomings. Only by persisting in self reflection can we listen, discard and continue to surpass, so that we can be more respectful to others and cooperate with others to achieve the common development of customers, companies, teams and individuals.

Strict in discipline

Only a disciplined team is a fighting team. The cause we want to create must require us to strictly request each member, implement resolutely and efficiently complete the various tasks of the company. Only with strict discipline, can we be in a consistent, confident and firm way towards our future.

Honesty and trustworthiness

"The letter" is the foundation, is also the cornerstone. The heart is magnanimous, sincere, have to keep its promise, this is the cause of all our starting point, is our most important intangible assets, we adhere to the good faith to win customers, to win the market.

Mutual cooperation

"Five is clenched fist", personal power is limited, the team is the core strength of our cause. Mutual cooperation not only embodies a kind of team spirit, but also a channel for self promotion. It is also a powerful guarantee for improving the process and improving efficiency.

Open and enterprising

Holding an open mind, accommodating more talents and absorbing different cultures and ideas, can our cause continue to develop. In order to better meet the needs of customers, we are actively enterprising, brave to open up, adhere to the opening and innovation.

Pursuit of quality

The endless pursuit of product quality and the sustainable improvement of service quality are the basic principles for improving customer experience and winning customers. We adhere to customer demand oriented, and continue to improve and continue to innovate around customer needs.

Achievement customer

The only reason for our existence is to serve the customers effectively and to solve the customer's problems effectively. The customer's demand is the driving force of our development. We adhere to the customer - centered, fast response to customer needs, continue to create long-term value for customers to achieve customers. To provide effective service to our customers is the direction of our work and the scale of value evaluation, and the achievement of our customers is our own.

Solve all the worries for customers.

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So far, the company has for the automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, mold manufacturing, machinery processing, shoes, mobile phone manufacturing, dental and orthopedic, protection of cultural relics, university education and scientific research and so on various types of enterprises and institutions to provide nearly ten thousand times the service project.

  • EnvisionTEC Launches $6,999 Entry-Level Desktop DLP 3D Printer

    [ 2018-03-14 ]

    For EnvisionTEC, 2017 is a busy year because it has introduced many new 3D printing materials, including engineering grade materials E-CE, E-Poxy and E-Flex Flex; a series of new bioprint materials and FDA approved dental 3D printing materials. The company also launched a series of new 3D printers, including large versions of the Perfactory and cDLM 3D printers, and a new Vida cDLM 3D printer for the dental market.

  • EnvisionTEC Launches Largest High Speed Continuous 3D Printer Vida cDLM

    [ 2018-03-14 ]

    Recently, EnvisionTEC introduced the new Vida cDLM 3D printer. It is reported that the 3D printer is the largest of the company's existing equipment and is still based on the company's continuous digital light manufacturing (cDLM) technology.