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Scan In A Box

Category: 3D Scanners - Low Cost
Scanner Size 400 X 105 X 92 Mm
Packing size 468 X 440 X 130 Mm
Packing weight 5,5Kg
Scanning Technology Structure Light
Scan time is less than or equal to 4 seconds / 1 scan
Scan range 100mm X 80mm - 500mm X 400mm can be set
Size of scanned object Recommended 10mm - 2000mm
Working distance 200mm - 1120mm
Resolution/point spacing 0,078mm - 0,390mm
Accuracy/size error 0.1% of scanned object
Grid density 1 billion dots / per model
Texture/color data is valid, including
Automatic rotary table Available, optional
Software IDEA The Software – Unlimited USB License Dongle
The format of the output file OBJ, STL, PLY, OFF
Scan in a Box is a high-efficiency, high-efficiency 3D scanner produced in Italy. The system has been set up with various parameters before leaving the factory. The system can be easily moved and set or produced according to the user's specific requirements. The system has a unique module and a variety of user interfaces that can meet the re-set of different visual ranges. Within seconds, you can simply perform 3D scans of different size objects. Scan in a Box has revolutionized structural light technology. With exquisite detail design, Scan in a Box 3D scanner provides users with the most professional technical performance, enabling users to open up their own 3D market.
Convincing manufacturers
good service
Annotated software
Professional and friendly user interface
Low price
360 degree full-angle scanning
Surface color available, perfect 3D model data
Output 3D data can be printed directly in 3D
IDEA the Software
IDEA is a patented software. It is included in the Scan in a Box configuration and has permanent usage rights. The scanning operation of IDEA software is extremely simple, and the post-processing process is also very easy.
IDEA has a good user interface that guides users to manage all tools and can quickly get a digital model. 360-degree full-week scans, no holes, and no topological errors in the digital model.
After the object is digitized, based on the analysis of the image, the data can be transformed into a triangular mesh after the composition operation. The grid can finally output 3D data in the format of Stl, Obj, Ply and so on.
Some of the features of the special tool are as follows: Triangular Mesh Reduction, Smoothing, Fill Holes, Location Information, Zoom, Mirror, Mesh Repair, Other.

IDEA software was developed by engineers with many years of professional experience. It has a wide user base.

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