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Category: 3D Software - Highly Intelligent Geomagic Control
The core features of Geomagic Control
Collect points and polygon data with 3D scanners and digitizers.
Built-in CAD import interface CATIA, UG, SolidWorks
Compare the physical object with the CAD model or several scans.
Comparison of comprehensive notes, dimensioning, whiskers and existing data.
Output detailed inspection reports, digital inspection data, notes and conclusions.
Built-in blade analysis
Analyze complex blade geometry
Perform two-dimensional distortion analysis
Analyze complex internal geometry
Geomagic Control (formerly Geomagic Qualify) is the industry's most comprehensive, powerful, and accurate automation platform for 3D metrology solutions.
Geomagic Control uses a wide range of metrology tools such as hard probes and contactless scanning to acquire data that enables manufacturers to significantly save time and improve accuracy for easily performing complex tasks. The ability to automate processing. Geometrical tolerances, hard measurements, and position inspection capabilities speed the measurement of parts and increase their accuracy, and Geomagic Control can intelligently create 3D PDF reports.
  The Geomagic Control automation platform offers simplified capabilities for almost every process, reducing human interactions in measurement and recording, reducing measurement time, and significantly enhancing R&R results. Users of Geomagic Control can significantly reduce line downtime, increase accuracy, and improve part quality during and after manufacturing.
Parts manufacturing
Each type of component manufacturer using Geomagic Control software verifies the integrity of manufactured components and quickly identifies problems in the production process. Use non-contact scans (offline and inline), coordinate measuring machines, hard gauges, or CT scanners to quickly measure, analyze, and generate reports.
Howmet conducts inspection of blade products
Aerospace manufacturers use Geomagic Control software for a wide range of advanced turbine blade designs including twisting, average arc, maximum thickness, resulting in trailing and trailing edge radii. Geomagic Control software's airfoil analysis module does not charge extra, and customers will benefit from the software's speed and functionality without additional costs and other integration requirements.
Aberdeen Proving Ground Experiment Analysis
Mold and tool manufacturing
Mold and tool manufacturers use Geomagic Control software to verify the accuracy of the products they create. Human eyes may not be able to detect subtle defects. Geomagic Control software can easily identify and display errors and reduce potential risks in the manufacturing process.
Medical Application of Dr. Wilmes, Düsseldorf University
Medical manufacturing
Whether it's checking the accuracy of medical implants or measuring and analyzing worn parts to improve design, Geomagic Control software plays an important role in improving product quality, especially in the area of customized medical devices. Recent advances in medical CT scans have made it possible to check the progress of the surgery and remedy it – such as corrective surgery – quickly and with less pain.
Geomagic Control Features
Geomagic Control (formerly Geomagic Qualify Software) is the industry's most powerful, easy-to-use 3D inspection and metrology software that accurately extracts numerical models from physical objects for immediate comparison with reference numerators. Geomagic Control fully supports a variety of hard-measuring heads or 3D scanning equipment working groups, supports various types of integrated equipment, CAD import interface and blade analysis module at no extra charge.
The core features of Geomagic Control
Collect point and polygon data with 3D scanners, digitizers, and hard-measuring devices.
Built-in CAD import interfaces CATIA, UG, SolidWorks, and Creo Elements (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) and fully support industry-wide formats.
Compare the physical object with the CAD model or several scans.
Comprehensive annotation, dimensioning, GD&T, and measurement analysis, comparison of the whiskers to existing data.
Output detailed inspection report, multi-view digital inspection data, notes and conclusions.
Built-in blade analysis
Analyze complex blade geometry
Perform two-dimensional distortion analysis
Analyze complex internal geometry
Other features of Geomagic Control
Comprehensive, automated tool set allows quick creation of standard format reports
Automatically detect and inspect geometric features such as spheres, planes, cones, cylinders, slots, holes, and points
Quickly create features with intelligent QuickProbe features
Can be measured with or without a CAD model
Evaluate GD&T annotations and add user-defined annotations
Powerful scripting environment, customized and automated deep access to software related commands
Full support for hard probe workflows, including allowing quick alignment of any geometry and CAD model. Use the real-time deviation feature for quick viewing of the maximum allowable error, feature types for single-point circles and the least points, rapid iterative alignments, intelligent creation of hard-feature features based on CAD definitions, creation of surfaces using hard-draw captures and plane profiles; measurements The database supports fast measurement of a single feature.

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